Job Opportunities

Boosting the income of low wage workers with jobs, a higher minimum wage would raise a families’ income above the deprivation threshold and possibly reduce the number of residents in abject poverty.

Affordability of Housing

When residents of a community can afford their rental payments, it produces a less stressful environment allowing the ability to spend more on bare necessities to buy healthy food, access to better healthcare, and more support to local businesses.

Community Cleanup/Clean Streets

Keeping the environment clean reduces pollution, prevents accidents, and injuries. Public safety should always be a primary concern for all residents as well as those traveling through or visiting a neighborhood. Pavement protection, along with wildlife and environmental preservation will improve the overall wellness of local communities.

Crime/Crime Prevention

With the lack of job opportunities and access to affordable living resources, crime will continue to increase. Although each District H community is different, in general they all share the same needs. It is common knowledge that all key issues are closely related. Community crime prevention focuses on social and local institutions found within communities that prevent juvenile delinquency in early stages. Community based organizations bear a strong peer influence that is currently absent. Improving surveillance in public businesses to deter criminals and changing signage in appropriate locations can increase the likelihood of apprehension of criminals or the prevention of crimes occurring. Severe crimes re-offenders should receive stiffer sentences with higher bonds. Although the goal of preventing crime(s) is important, the main objective should be burrowing to the root of the problem such as lack of suitable employment resources and affordability of housing, which go hand in hand.

Michelle understands how these issues affect the communities of District H and has taken a personal account to dovetail into how she can tackle and eliminate the cause and effects with any and all resources available. As a strong community advocate, Michelle is motivated to sit at the table with city leaders and organizations to get the job done.